Client: PAPAPINHA Work: Packaging Design


2011 :: PapaPinha

agency: HLD

client: PapaPinha

job: packaging design

Intro: Creation of an innovative product prototype developed for children and adult food industry.

One year ago, a friend of mine contacted me. Right after that, he became a prospective clien who has asked for my support in order to develop a new concept for children food packaging and, from the very first moment, I realized how indefectible the idea was in its principle and its single functional attributes and features that truly contribute in the creation of a new, unlike and unique product – different from everything we have in the conservative marketplace to date, both in terms of Brazil and abroad.

The packaging is divided in 3 parts: body, spoon and lid. The biggest challenge was the idealization and development of an ergonomic body, adaptable to the person\’s hand. Just one will necessary to feed a child, an elderly or a disabled person, in a more effective and safe way.

After several months, many mockups, 3D modeling impressions, tests and trials of the prototype, we reached the body final format – which can add extra parts – like, for instance, a variety of different sizes of spoons and features perfectly thought to prevent a child from accidentally swallowing the spoon. To conclude, the seal has its perforation on the lid, manufactured by packaging machinery responsible for joining the spoon and the lid/seal, proving the spoon sterility. 

To compose the product graphic identity, a name and a graphic project were developed to translate the importance of having a balanced meal/diet, highlighting the diversity that the packaging can reach inside the food industry developed for children and also, other categories.

So far, the product is still a prototype willing to take its place on the shelves. The presentation of the outstanding 3D modeling pieces and all the product technical drawings were under Ettore Zunarelli\’s responsibility.

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