Client: OI ARAÚJO VIANNA Work: Website Interface



agency: HLD

client: LiveAD

job: website interface

intro: araujovianna.com.br will be a site with a collaborative timeline, which will be guided by a 22-minute documentary, tracing the audience history through interviews with people who were part of it. Opened to public contributions, timeline aims at showing several views of the history, with time, music, text and video records. 

Being invited by LiveAD to establish this interface, HLD biggest challenge was developing a wise and visual way of sorting all pieces of information out on a cloud, involving the whole timeline.

This cloud was created based on parameters obtained from the number of comments, which would draw lines after each post on the timeline. The more people comment on a certain post, the higher it is in the graph - as a result, waves were drawn.

The other parameter used for drawing the lines that connect one category to the other was obtained from the semantic relation between both of them.

To sum up, we will synchronize the documentary and the timeline, besides offering a zoo option.

The project is an ongoing beta version.

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