Client: S/N Work: Magazine Design


2005: S/N

Agency: Bookmark + Bob Wolfenson

Job: Magazine Design

Intro: Fascination and love at first sight. For Sandro Bianco, it was just  gleam the magazine pages on 0800  walls – which later on became Bookmark. Reference in fashion and recognized by its unique editing, valuing the job of people evolved  - without cuts in photographs, respecting the photos dimensions, and always prioritizing the editorial content, S/N became a national reference due to its internationality. This way, as everything is in a constant movement and eternal mutation , the need for a change came up. A change for keeping the innovation patterns and to renew the magazine facet. Invited by Hélio Rosas, the designer Sandro Bianco  was designated to  reform the magazine editorial grid. Nowadays, the project is carried out by Bob Wolfenson.

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