Client: LUCKY STRIKE Work: New World Platform



Agency: G2 BRASIL

Client: Souza Cruz

Job: New World Platform

Intro: After 14 months of hard job with a single client and a common target: create a new world positioning and communication platform for a product which was part of wars and contains one of the oldest logos and is presented in all ages. A history which started in 1916, changed the color in 42; crossed Madison Avenue and has passed by narrow streets, tunnels, crossroads, sidewalks and strong personality consumers search for an original taste. In order to explore this urban essence, the creation and planning team, composed by Hélio Rosas, Sandro Bianco and Murilo Moregola, supported by an excellent team of designers, artists, photographers, motion designers, 3d and writers, could investigate every single corner of São Paulo and of the world to find the new essence for the new platform creation. The project was compiled in a book with more than 400 pages which show the new brand positioning. To enjoy the material, access [email protected]

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