Client: COCA-COLA M5 Work: Full Brand Experience


2006 :: COCA-COLA M5

Agency: McCann Erickson

Client: Coca-Cola

Job: Full Brand Experience

Intro: Trend. Repercussion. Coca-Cola M5 project consisted of public trend setter. Supporting the project in the alternative niche, using fashion, music, arts and technology professionals and investing on viral marketing, a casual hype tone was intrinsic in it. M5 - Magnificent 5 – refer to the design studios, one by continent, which were invited to bring the Coke bottle to life. Entirely made of aluminum, without any cuts or joints, each studio provided its own view on optimism,using graphics to impress the bottle. Besides bottles, video interventions for clubs and videos with soundtrack evolving  partnership with bands like Guided by Voices, Fischerspooner, The Flaming Lips, among others. The launching happened simultaneously  in 5 countries - Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Germany.

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